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Our activities


Obstacle course

In Team Building, the obstacle course is one of the highlights. What does that consist of? Running, a few obstacles, a little mud and a lot of self-improvement. A practice where we have to help each other, support each other, and be accompanied. Our Coaches introduce you to this new sport (recently launched in the United States) and which is now wreaking havoc all over the world with Spartan Race in particular.

We organise bespoke obstacle course sports seminars for you in the city (Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Marseille…) or in kind!

Sports stay

Together, let’s find the destination that makes you dream and explore nature. On one or more days, in France or abroad, we will guide you to sublime landscapes. Sport Team Building is also a team of coaches who enjoy nature and sports and human adventures. Let’s take advantage of these wide open spaces to go hiking, biking, canyoning, outdoor sports are ideal to feel alive.

For example, we offer sports seminars in the mountains, at the sea (water activities) but also in Annecy between lake and mountain, in Hossegor in the Basque country and in the Jura at Lac Chalain.

Fun activities

Nothing better than fun activities to succeed in your sports business seminar!

To discover, a Segway ride on the quays in Lyon, a color race at the Prado in Marseille, a paintball on the shores of Lake Geneva in Geneva, a go-kart in Paris, Bubble football and I fly in Lyon.

Enjoy a buggy ride from the creeks!


Fitness for fitness, wellness, health. In the form of group classes you will strengthen muscle mass, work your heart and develop your figure. We provide companies with a room (in LYON) reserved for the team building. More info by following this link.

Orienteering/treasure hunt

Work the mind and the physical, head and legs! Our orienteering races, treasure hunts, track games are done in nature or in the city (we make you enjoy the most beautiful scenery). A real team effort, cohesion, sharing and mutual aid. Search for our tags and keep as much information together (color codes, icons, quotes). We leave the technology aside and get back to basics, an orientation card and walking shoes.

Nordic Walk

This activity takes its name from a very fashionable practice in the northern countries. More sporty than the classic hike, less traumatic than running, this active walk helps to maintain the heart and muscle system. This activity is practiced in a group for a moment of sport and sharing. You maintain your body and mind! The most: outdoors courses, splendid views and rejuvenating moments in nature!

Extreme sports

Bungee jumping, skydiving, downhill mountain biking or kitesurfing … Fill up on adrenaline and memories with extraordinary sports! We will refer you to our partners (professionals of the trade) to guide you on these wildest activities.

Winter sports

Winter sports to experience the thrill! In winter it’s not just fondue, raclette or tartiflette. We offer you skiing, sledging or bobsleigh with Dorian HAUTERVILLE (our partner, member of the French team) … The Alps or the Pyrenees will be your new playground.


To discover new sensations.

Electrostimulation increases muscle contraction through electrodes placed on the body.

The peculiarity of the EMS is to stimulate the whole (100%) muscle fibers. But also to be able to solicit all muscle groups simultaneously.

Our teams use the most advanced equipment, Miha bodytec.

Group sports

A stadium, several teams, a ball and challenge. In multi-sport we are spoilt for choice, rugby, basketball, volleyball, football… We’re hosting your World Cup.

An introduction to little-known collective sports (kinball, flag…) or the organization of a tournament: our specialist coaches adapt to your project to offer you a moment under the sign of the collective.

Gaming sports

The game for conviviality or to discover new activities. Archery, pistol shooting, ping pong, molkky, billiards, bowling… On giant trays or in specially equipped rooms, challenge your colleagues in the greatest classics! A moment out of the office to weld your team and create new bonds all together!


For engine enthusiasts, we express themselves on circuit. Direction Le mans, Magny-cours, circuit Paul Ricard and many others. By car or motorbike, you’ll find the most fun shots.


Water sports are called all sports that are practiced in or on the water. Canoe – kayak – paddle – wakeboard – sailing, lake, river or sea. For more information, visit the Team Building Aquatique and Nautical link.

Into the wild

In the form of a survival course, you are offered different programs, adapted to your physical abilities and your determination. Do you dare take up the challenge?


Bootcamp is the origin of the extreme training sessions of the American armed forces, for example the famous Marines. The instructor’s goal, often imagined at the Full Metal Jacket, is to push recruits (or soldiers) to their physical and moral limits. It is also an opportunity to boost group cohesion, by making them go through a difficult ordeal that will weld the participants together.

Your idea

Let your inspiration speak and offer us your ideas. We create this beautiful event together to make it unique.

Keep a memory in your event image

We offer the services of our cameraman – editor -video maker to make your video.

What you need to know about sports seminars

Sports seminars are gathering and group cohesion events organized for companies. In this case, sports seminars incorporate a sporting dimension into the proposed organisation: various sports initiations, original sports activities, team challenges… This helps to create strong bonds by sharing a common experience. In the city or in nature, the space becomes a huge playground in which you discover a new way of expressing yourself. Ideal for discovering new places, sports seminars can be held anywhere in France and Switzerland, depending on your project.

Our Sports Team Building Programs

We organize your sports seminar upstream, taking care to discuss with you the smallest details. From then on, we receive your team at the seminar site and start the planned activities together. Our mission is to make the event as successful as possible by offering a condensed physical effort, games, landscapes, sharing and team spirit.

How our sports seminars run:

  • Presentation
  • General brief on how the day unfolded
  • Collective warm-up with our coaches
  • Activities set up and led by our team
  • Snack
  • Fun group souvenir photo
  • Etirements – Stretching

Sports seminar figures


des participants à un séminaire sportif sont « enthousiastes » à l’idée de s’y rendre.


des travailleurs sont très intéressés par les offres d’aventure et d’exercices de team building.


des entreprises incluent des activités périphériques ludiques culturelles ou sportives à leurs événements professionnels.


des organisateurs d’événements d’entreprise considèrent qu’il est essentiel de sortir du quotidien et du cadre hiérarchisé de la société

Questions related to the sports seminar

Est-il possible de mélanger plusieurs types d’activités dans le cadre d’un seul séminaire ?
Indeed, we can organize our service so that you enjoy several activities grouped into a single seminar. Our coaching team is versatile, which allows us to lead various sessions during a one- or more-day seminar.
Etes vous en mesure de prévoir la restauration pour notre séminaire sportif ?
Thanks to our network of professionals, we are able to organize your event from A to Z. For catering, for example, we can book a restaurant near the seminary site, organize a buffet with a caterer on site or even offer a tasting of regional products nearby.
Comment garder un souvenir en image de notre évènement ?
We offer the services of a videographer, cameraman, editor as well as a photographer to keep a memory in pictures of your seminar.
L' activité physique s'adapte-elle à tous les niveaux ?
Obviously we adapt the activities so that they can be practiced by all participants. The idea is that everyone can have fun and that those who are most comfortable can help those who are less comfortable.
Quel est le sport le plus fun pour mon séminaire ?
Team activities in the form of Olympiads still work. Whatever the activity we make sure that it is practiced in the form of play and cohesion.
Quel est le budget d'un séminaire sportif ?
Depending on the size of your group, the length of stay and the activities planned, prices vary as the number of coaches requested and the necessary equipment also change. That’s why we provide you with a first quote before making any adjustments based on your budget.
Quelles sont les étapes avant de valider un devis ?
After the first contact, we exchange with you to learn about your project. In less than 24 hours, we offer you a first full quote. Therefore, you give us a first return to validate or not the quote as such; otherwise, we make the necessary changes to match your expectations.

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