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Specialist in sports events and sports in business, our team offers sports courses, from one weekend to a week, to escape with your friends, your family!


Indeed, we organize various sporting events for companies, all over France, Switzerland and Belgium. Recently, we also offer original sports courses over several days. 

An excellent tool for developing group cohesion, these sports courses allow you to meet challenges, to surpass yourself and to create links between colleagues.

The interest of these courses is also to meet new people, to share a good time all together and above all to practice sports while having fun!

These courses are fully supervised by professional sports coaches as well as high-level (sports) speakers. Multi-sports, they are adapted and accessible to all, for all levels.

The benefits

Lieux d'exception

Rencontre - Cohésion - Partage

Activités physiques originale

What are sports courses?

Sports courses are an opportunity to discover and practice different sports. Everything is organized to offer you a quality service (accommodation, travel to the places of activity, meals …). The schedule is punctuated by sports sessions, quiet times, exchanges and good meals!
The whole group evolves on the various activities, between which slip sporting and intellectual challenges that punctuate the course.I
nternships are scheduled upstream, but can be adapted according to your preferences and those of the group.

Keep a memory in your sporting training !!!

Each course is filmed and edited with our videographer so that each participant can have a memory of his stay.

Most common questions

J'aimerai participer à un stage sportif mais nous ne sommes que trois dans notre entreprise, est ce possible tout de même?
It is quite possible to schedule a sports course or to participate in our threesomes. Indeed, sports internships are mainly groups of people who come from different companies, to form a group of about twenty people. The more crazy we are, the more we laugh!
Combien coûte un stage sportif ?
Depending on the activities and geographic location, internships cost about 350TTC per person. However, contact our team to find out the price of the internships offered.
Est ce que je peux choisir les activité du stage ?
Initially, the internship is scheduled by our team (activities). However, it is quite possible to incorporate an activity of choice among our selection.
Combien de coachs faut-il pour un stage sportif
Depending on the group, the number of coaches varies. This can range from 2 to 10 coaches.
Combien de temps à l'avance faut il réserver pour participer à un stage
Most of the time, booking a month in advance makes it possible to be sure of having a place in the internship.

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